Why I Use A Coach & You Should Too

Why I Use A Coach & You Should Too

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google tells us in the video below…

‘Without a coach, you can’t achieve your peak performance’

What’s interesting about this is that he also says one of the best pieces of advice he’d ever received, was from another Board Member at Google who told him he needed a coach.

Schmidt took the advice, and in the video below, publicly shares how beneficial his relationship with his Business Coach (Bill Campbell) has been to Google.

Bill Gates, is another advocate of coaching, not just in business, but anything you want to be GREAT at.

‘We all need people that give us feedback, that’s how we improve.   We all need a coach’


Entering The Unknown

In September last year, I met with the MD of a very successful company in the Digital space. Sensing I was over-busy dealing with the traction and progress I was making, he suggested I’d benefit from speaking with a coach. He was kind enough to give me a personal recommendation, and that carried a lot of weight.

I didn’t know what to expect from this kind of relationship, or quite what the dynamics would be. After all, I didn’t start a business to be told what to do by someone else. Which is good, because that couldn’t be further from how it works.  This post is really about me paying forward thanks to someone who has helped me make great progress.

It’s what all business owners need

Coaches or Mentors help you stand back and take a more objective view of your business, acting as the catalyst that helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be, quicker.

The role of your Coach or Mentor is far more strategic than that of a business consultant, helping you make the numerous small steps and implement the numerous strategies that work harmoniously to achieve big results in your business.

Thrive or survive

There is a huge difference between thriving and surviving in business. With years of hands-on experience, Coaches tend to be better for your business long-term than consultants who fix specific problems, now. Coaches bring insight based on years of successful (and unsuccessful) experiences in business to your table.

Head Above Water

The only constant in your industry and the fast-paced world of business is change; so it’s no wonder staying on top of the latest systems and strategies for selling, marketing or managing your business in the most effective way possible is time consuming and for many of us totally impractical. This is another area your Business Coach can be particularly useful.

Being Truly Objective With Your Self Is Almost Impossible

This can be so true. When it comes to looking closer to home it can be very challenging to see things with the same perspective that you can when you’re an outsider looking in.   You probably give exceptional, sage advice when your friends, family, customers and colleagues ask for it because you can be so objective, but how good are you at giving yourself actionable advice?

Accountability – You don’t want to be the twit in the room. Do you?

For me, accountability is one of the key drivers for investing in coaching each month. Getting good answers from yourself can be very difficult sometimes so having someone that tells you how it is, the complete truth, whether you like it or not, is totally invaluable.

Being held accountable to your own objectives and actions can provide that extra bit of drive you need to give it 110% every single day.

Proven Systems & Strategies

There are very few challenges that are genuinely unique in business, no matter how it may sometimes feel. Having someone with in-depth knowledge of tens of proven systems and strategies, which have been successfully implemented tens of thousands time across the world, spanning all areas of your business from marketing to finance is obviously very useful.

My coach advocates a 6-step approach to growing businesses based on systematic methodologies. Essentially what that means is that with the input from an expert, you tend to make more of the right moves more efficiently towards more predictable results.

Believe me – It’s very worth investigating

Here are some of the ways both my company and I have already started to benefit from Business Coaching:

  • My Coach helps me see the wood for the trees.
  • My Coach helps me focus on my game and my long-term strategies.
  • My Coach tells it like it is.
  • My Coach gives me pointers based on decades of experience.
  • My Coach listens to me. And that’s important.
  • My Coach helps me develop long-term plans that will allow my business to function more efficiently and ultimately make more profits, faster.
  • My Coach’s ultimate objective is to help me achieve the freedoms I want in life by using my business as a vehicle to achieve specific personal goals.

In practice, I’m able to make significant cost savings and profit increases across my business as a direct result of better-informed, faster decision-making and more efficient business processes, operations and practices.

Been there, done that, monetised and then sold it

It’s refreshing, extremely interesting and also quite empowering to have someone whose been through the wars, faced the challenges, walked the walk and been out-right successful several times over stood in your corner. Someone you believe in backing you to win and supporting and encouraging you in the ways you need it most. Someone that can relate to you in such a genuine way.

In a nutshell – It’s about you not your business

Nobody starts a business or takes a job with the intention of working in it for the rest of his or her life but the reality is that’s what happens to a lot of business owners. Coaching is for people who want to create businesses that can ultimately work, and continue to grow without them, freeing them up to pursue their next big venture and life ambitions.

Your business or your job should essentially be a vehicle designed to fulfill the freedoms and lifestyle that you want to live.   Coaching stops you from creating a business and ending up with making an unrewarding job for yourself. It helps you take strategic control by working on your business more, instead of in it all the time.

Is Coaching For You?

The great thing about coaching is that it’s an investment which pays for itself extremely quickly and most good coaches will guarantee to have covered their costs within x period of working with or will otherwise coach you for free until you do.  My view is, you’ve nothing to lose, especially if you want to work less hours, get more from your team and make more money.

An Honest Recommendation

I’d like to take the opportunity to both thank and recommend James Akin-Smith, my business coach from ActionCOACH, who in a very short space of time has already helped me far more than he knows.  Thanks James!

If you’re considering business coaching, or you’re still not sure what you’d get from it, you’ve nothing to lose by sharing an informal coffee over a complimentary alignment meeting to see if you’re a good fit for each other.

Pete Stuckey

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