Get More Sales Meetings – Simple Tips

Get More Sales Meetings – Simple Tips

Tips for booking more sales meetings on the phone


Our ability to book Sales Meetings effectively can have a massive impact on the performance of our businesses .  There’s lots of people out there that are phenomenal in front of potential customers, but find the biggest challenge is in fact getting those sales meetings and creating the opportunities to be awesome in the fist place.  If that scenario sounds familiar, here’s some simple tips to help you book more sales meetings…


Yes, You should be doing this

Realise two key things:

1) Despite what anyone else may tell you, the phone is still, and always will be, the most powerful tool in your business.

2) It’s how you say it just as much as what you say.  Outwardly display confidence, passion and enthusiasm.  Why?  Because they are not only infectious but are also attractive qualities in a sales person.  If you’re calls are monotone, boring or robotic, why would anyone want to invite you to their office to spend more time with you?


You need good data


No matter how good your skills are, if the quality of your data is poor, you’re going to find it tough to book sales meetings!


Do your research


Make the most of free resources like LinkedIn and DueDil to identify the right people and do your best to get on your prospects radars prior to making calls and again before attending your sales meetings.


Don’t sell your product


Remember your call objectives. All we are trying to do is sell a meeting. Trying to sell our product at such an early stage will result in buying objections and few sales meetings.


Sell the appointment


You need to help the prospect understand that they get value or some return on their investment of time, just by meeting with you regardless of any other factors.  Figure out reasons how prospects benefit, just by talking to you and sell the benefits to potential customers in agreeing to your sales meetings.Get That Sales Meeting


Give them an A/B choice


‘Are mornings or afternoons better for you?’ Don’t leave yourself open to a ‘No’ straight away, offer a choice and give your prospect control of choosing the date.


Remember the format we use for opening sales calls.


Opening – Value – Question.  We need to clearly convey what’s in it for your prospect and start a good conversation, very quickly getting to the point before your prospect disengages and you’ve lost them.




To avoid wasting your own time with sales meetings and falsely setting other peoples expectations, you need to define a simple criteria to qualify your appointments.  Good sales qualification helps you spend your time in the right places and concentrates your efforts on deals that will close this month.

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