We do exactly what we teach in our highly acclaimed sales training courses, so it’s hardly surprising that our customers trust us to place high performing sales people into their businesses.  If you need more appointments, leads, qualified data and wish to insource your lead generation or sales function completely, talk to us about our Sales Insourcing Services.


We place high performing, autonomous telemarketers into your business.  They’re employed by us, so there’s no employment risks or costs to worry about and you simply pay a small day rate which is offset against your results.  Introducing the Sales Insourcing service from PSTC.


Good talent is hard to find so if you want to attract it you need to be different.  Our telemarketers work on a profit share and earn well above industry average commissions on every lead, appointment or sale.  This keeps them hungry for the next lead and ensure activity levels are consistently high.


We are continuously training and developing our own team using our highly acclaimed training techniques.  We believe in investing time in people to help them achieve their full potential and become increasingly greater assets to your company as well as ours.


If you can supply the following, you’re eligible.

  1. A dedicated outbound telephone line
  2. A dedicated workstation
  3. Access to wi-fi
  4. Good quality, targeted data


Insourcing is an ideal solution for businesses who want to maintain a high level of visibility over the activity that’s conducted on their behalf and enables us to become completely integrated and aligned with your company.  Also, good sales people can be very hard to find.


  1. You’re not paying for our overheads
  2. You only pay for results
  3. Visibility & Transparency
  4. No employment risks
  5. No extra staffing costs
  6. Top Sales Talent which is hard to find
  7. Highly Flexible


We make our money through one thing.  Activity.  So it’s important your telemarketer is not exposed to unnecessary distractions.  We do not charge for anything other than results however if you wish to involve your PSTC Sales Pro in any meetings or training sessions you will be charged according to the pre-agreed daily rate.

“Pete was able to open doors with some good companies for us which really helped in the early stages. Thanks again for some great help with leads and sales!!””

Chris McManus - Sales Director EMEA - Virtual Bridges

“A great training course with a presenter full of passion and enthusiasm coupled with a deep understanding of the challenges of call handling today.”

Richard Fowler - Head of Trade Channel - Vauxhall

“Pete has enabled us to give our new sales team the exact skill sets to carry out their new roles and become successful.”

Gary Poulton - Director - Global Bridging PLC

“Pete has delivered to people who have been in a telesales position for 25 years or more and all have reported what a great and rewarding course he delivers, If you can get someone to change after 25 years, you know you have the right process, delivered well. Highly Recommended. ”

Kevin Hyde - Wholesale Regional Parts Manager - Vauxhall

“I wouldn't hesitate to use Pete and his services again. Always perfectly tailored to our exact needs. Training that no sales team should ever have to miss out on!”

Steve Wroe - Technical Advisor - Central Spares

“Pete really helped us step up our sales. He provided easy to apply solutions to all the challenges that were discussed during the session and we're now seeing a totally different team. ”

Ian Poate - Business Manager - Living Outdoors

“Pete's training was a good eye opener and really helped us boost our confidence on the phone. I'd highly recommend Pete's business to any company looking to make more sales!”

Jessica Fensham - Redrock Commercial FInance

“More of this type of training is required. Excellent.”

Darren Henry - Wholesales Regional Parts Manager - Vauxhall

“Pete's training has enabled us to gain better insights into effective sales techniques that can be applied immediately. ”

Nikki Luyt - Internal Sales Team Leader - Thermo Fisher Scientific