Profile Perception: Are You Set For Social Lead Generation

Profile Perception: Are You Set For Social Lead Generation

LinkedIn Training:  Is your profile set up for Social Selling?

I have a set of views and principals around the use of LinkedIn for Sales People. I’m going to make some observations so if you’re a Sales Professional who wants to create more opportunities and you’re not in the market for a new job – take note.

Disclaimer: LinkedIn profiles are yours to do absolutely whatever you want with.

However, if you prefer to see more money in your pay check at the end of the month rather than an inbox full of job offers, you’re probably going to want to consider this.

Observation 1

LinkedIn is the world’s largest recruitment platform. Most of LinkedIn’s revenue now comes from recruitment solutions. It encourages you every time you log in, therefore you can be forgiven for adding as much personal information about yourself, personal goals and your employment history as possible which only makes you a more attractive target for recruiters to pester so you’ll be returned in more of their searches for unsuitable opportunities you’d not likely be interested in.

Observation 2

LinkedIn is one of the world’s most powerful prospecting tools.

Sales people use it every day to search for contacts and decision makers all over the world. They often use it in an attempt to research, contact or engage decision makers they otherwise wouldn’t find it so easy to access.

Observation 3

90% of sales people who search for new business opportunities on LinkedIn have a profile summary that is all about them. Perhaps how wonderful they are or ‘how passionate they are about providing solutions for their customers.’

I’m bored already.

If you want to capture business leads, make it about your business.  Provide 5 Great Reasons for Prospects to engage with you or your business as close to the top of your profile as you can.  Echo your marketing messages, USP’s or key selling points.  Your employment history can go further down because if you want to approach new business prospects they’re going to need to see some pretty good reasons to do business with you (i.e that you could provide some value) before they’re likely to take any interest in your background.

Profile Perception - LinkedIn Lead Generation

Observation 4

If you’re trying to engage decision makers they are interested in one thing: ‘What’s in it for them.

No one actually cares about you (except until they’re interested in what you can do for them.)

If they have to waft through a few paragraphs about you to find a compelling reason to do business with your company, it’s probably not going to happen at all.

Time is our most valuable commodity so you need to provide some pretty compelling reasons why they should do business with you the second they click on your profile, before they decide whether to respond or delete your contact. You need a hook.

Observation 5

It’s about perception.

If you position your company as experts in your field, you have a far higher chance of being perceived that way by potential prospects. Make it very obvious what you do for your clients and why they do business with you. Try and avoid ‘salesy’ professional headlines. Look at us – a team of 3 -4 who won good business working on national training projects with some of the countries targets companies against some of the companies largest training organisations.

Observation 6

There’s a lot of very static, boring profiles on LinkedIn.

Add plenty of relevant media or applications and turn your profile into an engaging platform for your prospects to explore. Make it rich with video and PDF’s, trying to be different wherever you can. You’re far more likely to see desirable results!

Observation 7

Too many sales people hide behind LinkedIn like they hide behind email.

I use LinkedIn objectively, to create opportunities to pick up the phone. That’s the most powerful tool in my business.  My relationships aren’t built on LinkedIn, they’re built on the phone.

Yours too.

Observation 8

It is far too easy to waste time on LinkedIn and not be productive. Sales people need to be disciplined with usage.

This is all just my opinion. These are just my views, not the law and anyone doing anything different is no more right or wrong than I am.

On the other hand, I am a real sales person growing a business and we’re making LinkedIn work hard for us.

Is it working hard for you?

Observation 9

Generic approaches, lack of research and poor targeting lets Sales People down a lot.  Make sure your targeted and the value to your chosen prospects is clear immediately in your approach.  If you work on a team this can be best managed by industry splits to stop team members crossing over on certain prospects.

Observation 10

Premium Profiles are definitely worth it for Prospecting and Lead Generation Roles.  Most companies would rightfully want to ensure they would see a good return from investing in the tool.  That’s where we’ve built a business case that helps companies decide if this if the right move for them at the right time.  To find out more about the business case and wether its worth your company leveraging the power of Premium, get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

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