Learning Retention Statistics For Sales Training

Learning Retention Statistics For Sales Training

Sales Training Learning Retention Statistics

Here are some interesting learning retention statistics for sales training that make a good read if your business is currently looking for sales training, has seen short-lived benefits from previous investments, or your in-house sales training isn’t having the impact you need it to.

They provide good food for thought and help you prepare for choosing training providers to help grow your business.

10% of learners will transfer new skills into practice as a result of


15% will transfer new skills into practice as a result of theory and demonstration.


25% will transfer new skills into practice as a result of theory, demonstration and practice.


40% will transfer new skills into their practice as a result of theory, demonstration, practice and feedback.


90+% will transfer new skills into their practice as a result of theory, demonstration, practice, feedback and on-going coaching.


Interesting stuff eh?

So what does this tell us about sales training?

Well, it tells us that what happens in the training room is a vital foundation but the biggest factor in getting the most out of our investments is the measures that are in place to drive the training home afterwards. That can be the toughest part.  The role of the Sales Manager.

Sales Training should be more than just a few days with an on-site trainer. Pre-training consultations and pre-training questionnaires for attendees can influence the design of your sales training and provide a good indication you’re not getting an off-the-shelf solution. (Unless that’s what you’re looking for as there are some exceptional ones out there.)

Theory, demonstration, practice and feedback are commonplace in the sales training industry but it’s how you continue to develop your team’s skills after the training that is absolutely essential if you’re really serious about sustaining positive changes.

At Pete Stuckey Training & Consultancy we specialise in helping our customers consistently achieve well-above-average levels of learning retention both in the classroom and post-training.

We do this in several ways:Sales Training ROI


Challenges and tasks focusing on one implementing one key skill from your sales training at a time, usually on a fortnightly or monthly basis, to quickly help individuals achieve unconscious competence before moving on to mastering their next skill.

Train the Trainer & Coaching Skills

Train the Trainer & Coaching Skills training for Sales Managers.   A great sales training experience is a key part of the process, as is the ongoing support and coaching that it is equally, if not more important. We pass on our coaching tools and sales training techniques so you can do exactly what we’d be doing if we were coaching your team.

Immediate Application

Help Sales People immediately apply effective skills and techniques in real situations during live sales training sessions. This type of training (and learning by doing) has significantly higher learning retention rates than theory based classroom training. Our training is practical and there is no theory involved.

Post-Training Support

We provide up to one years post-training support to all of our delegates. With an open line of communication to your trainer, advice from an expert is never far away.

Proceed Wisely

If you’re outsourcing any kind of training for your business, make a note of the key questions you should be asking to fully understand how any potential training provider plans to help you sustain the initial benefits for as long as possible.

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