How Pay On Results Appointment Setting Works

How Pay On Results Appointment Setting Works

How Pay On Results Appointment Setting Works –

Wow, what a start to 2015! Enquiries are coming in thick and fast for our outsourcing services and one of the key questions we’re being asked is ‘How does Pay On Results Appointment Setting and Lead Generation work?

So here’s the answer.

It’s probably easiest explained using the business loan analogy:

Most business loans these days are secured against an asset, something of vital importance to you that gives the bank security against lending you money.

This in turn pulls down the interest rate, or the cost of your loan. For Telemarketing companies the asset secured against is effectively a monthly retainer paid to make x number of calls.

A lot of telemarketing companies will ask for some kind of retainer to cover their costs (risks) in the event they should make x number of calls yet be unable to deliver the desired results for their customer, from which they should be making their profits.

There are some very good companies out there constantly delivering beyond the expectations of their clients using such methods, including pay-per-call.

Like many others, we have a policy of only undertaking campaigns that fit the shape and skill-sets in our business to avoid this being an outcome for our customers.

Short-term business doesn’t work for us, so we aim to develop long-term, sustainable and more importantly scalable partnerships.

Customers who start off with us on a pay-on results basis often choose to progress to higher volume campaigns, because in proving ourselves we give confidence to our customers that we can deliver results and long-term, this can be very cost-effective for them in terms of cost of customer acquisition.

How Pay On Results Telemarketing Works

Pay On Results Appointment Setting

Unsecured business loans are slowly starting to make a comeback however they are still difficult to secure and if you’re lucky enough to get one, you’d expect to pay a higher rate than you would on the same loan secured against your home or other asset.

Pay on results appointment setting is similar in concept.

There’s no security for the bank (retainer for the telemarketing company) which means the telemarketing company takes all of the risk on their shoulders.

When the results are delivered, it’s a very lucrative partnership all round.

If the results aren’t delivered, the telemarketing company would make a considerable loss but it would essentially cost you nothing, if not a significant amount of time and potentially burned data.

This further highlights the importance of choosing the right Partner when outsourcing your campaign!

As a result of being able to access such a commercially favorable system, allowing you to offset the financial risks associated with delivering the campaign, your cost per appointment or per sales lead is going to be understandably higher.

Because no up-front investment is required, you only pay for the qualified sales leads and appointments generated on your behalf.

Is pay on results telemarketing available to everyone?

In short, no.

We focus on high-level campaigns and high growth potential businesses. A lot of work goes into campaign planning and setting us up to win so we have to assess risks v potential rewards before undertaking campaigns on a pay on results basis.

For a lot of businesses, outsourcing their lead generation or appointment setting is a temporary platform before they bring the function in-house into a more mature business. This is where our customers can benefit from the expertise of our training division in assisting them with integrating a high performance sales function into their business.

It’s important to think about the timescales and volumes linked to your short and long-term objectives when deciding how to proceed with outsourcing your appointment setting or lead generation functions.

To find out what would work best for you, speak to a member of our friendly team today.

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