How Being Rejected 70+% Of The Time Makes You Exceptional

How Being Rejected 70+% Of The Time Makes You Exceptional

How being rejected 70+% of the time makes you exceptional

We’re all human. And as that is the case, we always want instant gratification for our actions, investments of time and general (professional) efforts.  We want instant recognition for being exceptional.

Unfortunately, that rarely happens for most of us.

For example, I wonder how many people joined a gym in January and have stopped training because they don’t have Arnie or Nicole Sherzinger’s bodies already?

You see, the point is that sometimes the actions that bring us unparalleled success over time don’t give us that immediate pay-off we crave, so we tend to look at those actions as ineffective, discounting their worth and how critical a requirement they are for your success.

There are no silver bullets and nothing you try will work all of the time. If you want to be an exceptional Sales Person and thus generate exceptional results, you need to understand one critical factor.

Small, effective actions repeated consistently over time will add up to exceptional results.

This is also known as the compound effect.  (The Slight Edge by Michael Gerber is a highly recommended read exploring this further)

Have you ever looked at a consistent top performer and wondered how they do it?

Well I’ll tell you….

Whether they realise it or not, they identify the most profitable actions in their business and consistently repeat them over and over.

In a lot of businesses, the chances are, the top performers are top performers because they understand the compound effect and also understand that in order to achieve an exceptional result, they need to face far more rejections the average Sales Person.

I recently spoke at a National Sales Conference for one of my clients and showed them how to deliver a 7-figure increase in revenue over the next 12 months with out increasing workload and in fact, without making a single extra call.

The illustration was not only accurate, but it also highlights what is required to produce exceptional sales results with real numbers.

We identified that up-selling consumables deals on inbound calls was the single biggest opportunity that we had to drive a 7 figure revenue increase without increasing the work load of anyone in the departments concerned.

Intrigued? This is the example I used based on their numbers:

√ 6000 inbound calls per day across the group – 35 sites / 6000 = Calls per site 171*


√ Assuming only a 5 day working week = 260 working days in a year = 1,560,000 inbound calls received


That equates to over a one and a half million opportunities to sell more to people who have made time to engage with us!


√ These deals are HOT, well researched and well priced, but lets assume a conversion rate of only 3 in 10.


√ That’s 468,000 deals across the group, IF and only IF we can help our teams with using this simple, effective action consistently.


√ Presuming all sales are of single units only, at an average order value of only £8, that equates to £3.74m extra revenue without handling a single extra call.

* the maths doesn’t include the half day Saturdays each site works and the average order value is in fact slightly higher the £8 suggested above so these figures are actually conservative.

So there it is in black and white.

Almost a £4m increase in sales revenues across the group from this one, small effective action being applied consistently, or procedurally if you will.

The flip side of that coin is that in order to make this happen, our teams will need to deal with over 1 million rejections in the next 12 months.

1 million rejections!

The moral of the story is that so many of us give up too easily because facing rejection 70+% of the time can be tough.  If you want to be exceptional, don’t take it personally; shrug it off and just keep on going.  Stop at your peril.  You’ll get there.

Remember, if producing exceptional results was easy, everyone would be doing it, and they’re not.  And this is a reason why. Identify your most profitable actions and focus on them hard.

Have you got what it takes to be exceptional in your business?

Pete Stuckey

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