Data Services from PSTC

You don’t need us to tell you how quickly marketing data goes out of date, or how critical good quality data is to your success.   We offer a variety of data services including data enhancement, data cleansing, data validation, bespoke list building, data acquisition and we can also generate event attendances on behalf of our customers.  

Data Cleansing, Data Enhancement & Data Validation

We can update Decision Maker contacts and budget holders details, e-mails, phone numbers, gone-aways, add specified technical criteria and append market intelligence to records in your freshly updated database.  If you need help with data cleansing, data enhancement or data validation, talk to a member of our friendly team about your data requirements.

Highly Targeted Fresh Leads, Delivered Monthly

From £999 per month for 12 months

From £1299 per month for 6 months

From £1450 per month for 3 months

From £1799 per month for 1 month

We research, acquire, cleanse, enhance and supply you with up to 300 targeted leads per month complete with current DM’s that match your specific criteria.  Our research team ensure output is of the highest quality.  Records come complete with validated telephone numbers, e-mail addresses where possible and all of the market intelligence and insights we collect from calling into and verifying the data in our call centre before we pass it over to you.

Bespoke List Building & Data Acquisition

We can build bespoke marketing lists for our customers by compiling data from multiple sources to provide you with one single, accurate database.  Alternatively, we can acquire data on their behalf.  Our telemarketers, researchers and data Partners mean we can provide high quality targeted lists for most types of campaigns.  We can contact the database on your behalf to generate leads and appointments or simply supply it back to you once enhanced for your own teams to work.

Event & Seminar Marketing Services

We can offer telephone only or multichannel event marketing solutions for our customers.  One of the most effective ways of generating new business leads is through seminars and events, so we provide services that help our customers get as many relevant people as possible in front of them for their events.  If you have events coming up, or aren’t completely satisfied with the kind of attendances you’re generating currently, talk to us, we can probably help.


Pete Stuckey Training & Consultancy (PSTC) are experts when it comes to data services.  Hands-on experience of running campaigns, seminars and events and across multiple industries enables us to leverage what we know works for our customers. Our best practices are incredibly effective and a great way of getting in front of 6 months worth of Decision Makers in just a day or two.  If you’d like more information on our data services, get in touch below.