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Business Development Is Not Just 9-5

Business Development Is Not Just 9-5

You see, part of my strategy when hitting the phones to generate leads involves religiously leaving my mobile number in voicemails I do leave them.  You’ve probably seen our advice on leaving effective messages so I won’t go into that now, what I will do however, is explain why I do this.

Whenever you’re doing lead generation activity on the phone you need bear in mind that you’re after your prospects time.

The commodity they value most highly.

That’s why often, particularly within SME’s or when targeting Senior Figures, you’ll find that calls are returned after standard working hours by suspicious business owners because they know that the majority of sales people won’t be there to take the call as soon as the clock strikes 5.30.

It’s a form of call screening that business owners and particularly busy people often use to make sure they’re returning calls that are going to be worth their time.

Think of it this way, if the prospect calls back and hears your voicemail and your company name makes it glaringly obvious what you do, you run the risk of them qualifying themselves out before you get the chance to use you influence and persuasion skills on them and they’ll probably screen your future calls so it’s unlikely you’ll get hold of them again.

They’re certainly not likely to leave a message to let you know they’ve called.

In the last 12 months I’ve been fortunate to create opportunities and win some substantial deals with prospects returning calls in the evenings that I’d made earlier that day.  I wouldn’t have won them (or even spoken to them) had I not made myself available.

It’s so worth it!

Especially if you’re earning commission.

Surely it makes sense leaving a mobile number and taking the occasional 5 minute call of an evening if it means you earn more money as a result at the end of the month….?

It’s not like you’ll be talking to people every night and your work life balance is going to be irrevocably destroyed. It will probably be a fairly rare occurrence.

Another tactic I employ is using early starts and later finishes to contact people I struggle to contact during standard working hours.  I don’t see many Sales Managers who would object to a team member doing this and swapping the odd early start for an hour at the end of the day.  Especially if it’s being done proactively to help the business reach more Prospects.

For example, I’ll build a list and come in at 7.30 am to make calls and send emails before the working day starts or occasionally stay late for a couple of hours and call the list once core business time is out of the way.

Business Development is Not Just 9-5

You’d probably be very surprised by the results you’ll get from trying something different to the typical 9-5 sales person.  In fact it’s amazing how many Sales People tell me their Sales Managers that they can’t get hold of someone yet when questioned they haven’t really tried anything different to reach them.

Here’s a thought though…

How many opportunities might you have missed in the last 12 months by being inaccessible or inactive outside of business hours?

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