How To Build Your Confidence On The Phone

How To Build Your Confidence On The Phone

How to build your confidence on the phone – Do’s & Don’ts

For some of us, the thought of picking up the phone and smashing out a load of calls induces cold sweats.  If that sounds familiar, don’t worry because you’re not alone.  It’s a challenge for an awful lot of others too so here are some tips to help you increase your confidence levels, push the boundaries of your comfort zone and get better results on the phone.

build your confidence on the phone

The Do’s

Define an objective for the call

If you have an objective, that is the only important thing.  Keep it simple, no complexities and watch your confidence increase as you meet your objectives.

What action do you want your prospect to take?

Closing a deal on the first call is unlikely in a lot of businesses, so what will you define as being a success? An appointment, web demo etc.  Don’t feel you’re not achieving is not your not closing on first contact.  The reality is it doesn’t happen often so don’t let it effect your confidence.   Something like 80% of sales happen of the 5th to 12th contact with the customer.

Assume the recipient has heard of your company

Market leaders and established business do not offer explanations of their market position as part of their opening gambit to potential customers. This is also a bad idea as it eats up the limited time you have to engage your prospect before they switch off.

Go Social

See if you can get on a prospects radar prior to making a call and they will probably be more receptive to your contact, making the call feel warmer.

Stand Up

Standing up while on the phone can have a surprisingly noticeable impact on your confidence. When we’re nervous, we can sometimes retreat into ourselves and nerves are a huge catalyst for call avoidance.

Speak Slower

It makes you easier to understand, nicer to listen to (especially when you apply your softest voice) and gives you more thinking time which can help with your confidence. Nerves are proven to increase our speech rate so be aware of yourself.

Craft a great opening pitch

Scripting is a terrible idea. I’ve always seen good merit in putting time into crafting an engaging opening pitch to give yourself the best chance of creating an opportunity every time you get through to that Decision Maker.  Make sure you clearly state what’s in it for them within 20 seconds.

Prepare responses for your most common objections

If you’re coming up against repetitive challenges, rebuttals or objections from prospects you have two options. Accept it and move on, most likely missing out on opportunities that could have been, or, learn how to effectively educate, influence and persuade your prospects to help you make the most of every call.  Having surefooted responses will do wonders for your confidence in those situations.

Define your key questions

If you know where you’re taking a call it becomes a lot easier for you to confidently steer the conversation towards your target direction

The Don’ts

Don’t ask people if they have time to talk

The answer will most likely be No, especially if cold calling.  Just get to the point.  Quickly

Don’t ask people if they have heard of your company

Because they probably haven’t. Confidence lies in assuming they know you’re a significant player.

Don’t mention you’re a new business

It’s not necessary or relevant (unless asked) and can be viewed as additional risk.

Don’t be a transactional robot

Relationship centric selling is where it’s at nowadays. Your customer can buy from who ever they like.   All you want to do is start a conversation and a new relationship at this stage. Make sure you’re not ‘selling’ too early.

Don’t be over-confident

Because it’s not an attractive quality and usually ends badly.


Extra Tips

If you’re not hearing ‘No’ 50 times a day you’re probably not busy enough

Don’t take anything personally, realize it’s not about you

Good questions open good conversations

Be humble

Make a list of people to call and just do it.

A lot of people get stuck in their comfort zone and end up delaying and delaying. Stop putting it off. Your comfort zone is boring. All the good stuff happens somewhere over there.

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